Semi-realtime message inbox for asynchronous teams

Realtime chat forces you to shout to be heard. Our semi-realtime inbox gets your questions answered without turning every message into an interruption.

We're in early beta 🎉 and want your feedback 🎤!

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Low-interruption by design 🔕

Messages on our platform are low-urgency by default. They start out as 📥 inbox messages and only escalate to notifications when they're overdue ⏰.

Turn on round-robin mode 🐦 and threads will notify your teammeates one-at-a-time instead of all at once, further reducing the impact.

Whether your team is sharing a desk or a zoom wall, unnecessary notifcations are shredding their nerves. We help important questions get seen without spending the whole day in reactive mode.

Get seen when it matters 👀

Upvote importance 🔥 so the questions that matter get seen by the people that can help.

Email and chat both bury important messages under recent messages and the only way around it is to @user. Wait.chat has real ranking features around importance (as ranked by your team) and deadlines. We've reordered your inbox so you can retake control of your time.

Messaging that supports your async culture 🚣

In 2021 full-remote will give way to hybrid-remote as some people return to the office. The bandwidth between IRL and remote groups will be tiny, but async can help.

Wait.chat is the only messaging tool that has transparent expectations around responses being eventual, rather than immediate 🐌. Instead of responding to constant updates, your team can boost what's important, rely on alerts when it's urgent, and get some heads-down time to finish their work.

Not everything needs to be a notification.