Beta agreement

Last change: October 29, 2020

Beta product

Wait.chat is pre-release beta software. That means various bad things may happen to you from using the product, including data loss, security issues, and limited uptime.

Our relationship

You are helping us to test Wait.chat, iterate the product, and establish its value. In exchange, you get early access to our platform in order to evaluate its fit for your team.


  1. We won't sell your information
  2. In the case of an acquisition, your data may be seen by the acquiring party. You will be given at least 2 weeks of notice to delete your data if this happens.
  3. We will comply with court orders to share data in the United States.
  4. We consider the following items to be particularly sensitive:
    • your user list imported from slack
    • the content of your messages
    We will use reasonable means to keep this information confidential and will not manually inspect it without permission from your team.
  5. We may contact you via any means, including email, for urgent communications about the product, but in general will try not to spam.
  6. We won't host ad network cookies on our service, but we may use user analytics tools that integrate with user tracking networks.
  7. Our registration form fails if there's already an account with your email address. This feature can be used by attackers to discover if your email is registered on our platform.
  8. Our federated sign-in features ('sign in with slack', for example) may leak information to the login provider. That's between you and them.

Data ownership

  1. You own your content and user list.
  2. We own the usage data that we write to mixpanel (access counts for different features of the product), and may use it to improve the product. We may also publish highly-aggregated versions of these metrics to advertise our product.

Vendor list

This list may change without notice during the beta period and may not be complete.